Welcome to Unique Differences in Development (UDID)

UDID was created as a result of Jasmyne’s love of sports, her desire to serve special needs youth and her expertise in Applied Behavioral Analysis. Her unique program of shaping children with disabilities has resulted in improved social skills, communication skills, gross motor skills, health and safety awareness and in some cases established lifelong friendships. UDID will also include cheerleading and dance for young girls and adult women.




Trevor was diagnosed with William Syndrome when he was 6 months old.

Trevor had severe hypotonia which delayed his physical movements as a child. Trevor didn't begin to crawl until he was 1.5 years old. Trevor also has bone fusion in his arms and wrist which made it difficult for him to utilize his hands the way other children could. Trevor continues to live with the physical limitations due bone fusion and has had to figure out ways to adapt when he wants to play sports. Trevor is now 10 years old with a passion for basketball. Trevor had to pause on playing youth leave basketball because the game was too fast to comprehend and the coaches were unable to find ways to address his limitation with shooting and dribbling. Trevor requires additional time and attention in which the coaches were unable to provide since there were other children that required their attention. I am grateful for Jasmyne and the UDID organization she created! UDID gave my son the ability to enhance his shooting and dribbling skills and to enjoy basketball again in a setting where he felt confident and excited about learning the game of basketball. Jasmyne is a patient, kind, and skilled athletic trainer. She took the time to get to know about Trevor's disabilities, assess where his needs were, and began teaching him ways to improve his basketball performance. Her high level energy and creative ways of teaching sports skills allowed my son to remain engaged and learn techniques in dribbling and shooting. My son has been thriving in basketball and enjoys playing with Jasmyne any chance he is able to! I think UDID has so much to offer our Special children and I look forward to seeing my son continue his athletic experiences with UDID!